Sunday, November 24, 2013

Some Illustrator Assignments

I organized  my computer yesterday and found some Illustrator vector assignments from last semester. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Illustration Friday Lately

July 15, 2013 
Illustration Friday,this week's topic is "Travel" 8"x10" pastel on blue card paper

July 10, 2013
Illustration Friday, this week's topic is "Protest"

This is a simple one. I am still seeking for the right brush to express more texture not too "digital". Luc just told me he liked this style. So maybe I will do more.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

11 pages are done by watercolor.

I Just finished this 11pages before the deadline. All by watercolor.
Finally I can have a little rest with my hubby, yeah!!

waterproof Ink line and watercolor step by step 

Ready to send out! Accomplishing work makes me so happy and relieved!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dream Guardian.

Finally finished this project! This sculpture named Dream Guardian is for a Hong Kong toy figure design contest. I was really surprised when I got the notification of being selected to the final! 
Figure design in 2D- 360'demonstration.
and...done! A transition from 2D to 3D was a challenge after I knew I had the opportunity to the final.

I am showing all the process below.

2D part:
Ok, Let's talk from the motive. My inspiration came from Melanie. She was my Muse.
When Luc and I went to Melanie's restaurant one day, I remembered her birthday was coming, so I drew a little Melanie lying on an owl's back, since she's absolutly an owl fan.
Luc was fond of this picture very much. And when he suggested me writing OWLstanding Birthday below instead of Happy Birthday, I thought he was a genius.

The other day when I had no idea participating the toy design contest, Luc said to me :"why not try it with the one you did for Melanie? it worked for me."

With some dubitation, I started doing some adjustments fitting the requirements of the design contest.

Here is one of the six-side design pictures, from pencil-lined to colored.

3D part:
Actually, this seemingly small & easy figure consumed me gobs of time.
After several times of selective shop-around, I confirmed the materials. A foam globe from Waltmart,cork coaster from IKEA, some galvanized wire and clay.  I took many photos for the process,so let's "Show, not Tell".

first modeling

owl's plume.
scary process of making little person...

ready to bake!(excited)

painful conclusion of the first bake.
Maybe I should choose the lower temperature or less bake time.

fixed with more clay to the second bake

Acrylic color attempt

Oops..face detailed depict and more texture and deco

Finished! working photo.^_^
Luc took it for me as a souvenir.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Illustration Friday

Topic: Urban

Topic: Storm

Topic: Myth

Illustration Friday is a weekly creative outlet/participatory art exhibit for illustrators & artists of all skill levels. A new topic is posted each Friday and you have one week to draw, paint or doodle your interpretation. 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

There's a squirrel on my porch!

Don't you see he's smiling? :)

I know this is not about illustration,
but, see how cute the squirrel is!
 and now he is just standing on my porch eating my pumpkin of Halloween.
I'm so exiting to record this time!

our pumpkin Before look
last.......Luc and I were wondering who would do this to our pumpkin?

and I finally cought him!

It's almost winter, the squirrel find food all the day.
I am very happy they attached our pumpkin.
I can't bare with the curve on his back....How cute !!

A pumpkin seed in his mouth.

he's standing with hands holding.

A pumpkin in his hand. :)


he loves pumpkin seeds.

and in the window, there are two cats witness all this happened with me.
they are Vanni(the tiger cat) and Choco (the siamese cat)