Wednesday, November 28, 2012

There's a squirrel on my porch!

Don't you see he's smiling? :)

I know this is not about illustration,
but, see how cute the squirrel is!
 and now he is just standing on my porch eating my pumpkin of Halloween.
I'm so exiting to record this time!

our pumpkin Before look
last.......Luc and I were wondering who would do this to our pumpkin?

and I finally cought him!

It's almost winter, the squirrel find food all the day.
I am very happy they attached our pumpkin.
I can't bare with the curve on his back....How cute !!

A pumpkin seed in his mouth.

he's standing with hands holding.

A pumpkin in his hand. :)


he loves pumpkin seeds.

and in the window, there are two cats witness all this happened with me.
they are Vanni(the tiger cat) and Choco (the siamese cat)

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  1. Cute squirrel pics! I wanted to say that your submission for this week's Illustration Friday "Myth" was great! Keep it up :)