Thursday, April 26, 2012

My First Clay Work!~\(^o^)/~

 My class of Illustration II has assigned the second project--3D media. The critic day was so exciting because we got to see everybody's work and they were all amazing.

I posted my finished piece here for I want to keep a memory for my first^_^.I chose the media of Polymer Clay instead of Papercut.To be honest, I had completely no confidence in this project since I have never touched Polymer Clay before. Our professor Cheryl is super informative and inspiring! She brought me plentiful sources and ideas. And my classmate Sarah, who has played Polymer clay since her childhood, gave me a lot of tips as well as filling which I could use for baking clay.

finally I did it!  After failing over and over.
These are 2 photos with different backgrounds. They are both about a girl who has a cute feline assistant waking her up every morning.:)

Some of the process are shown below:

Ooops! Somebody looks grumpy...

Rough Sketch before doing with clay
Color Comps


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